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[IP] Re: didn't know you were a diabetic

Faith wrote:

<<I have a friend with a father and 2 siblings with type 1.
We were talking about the pump and she told me she thought
it was just an excuse for diabetics to not do what they are
supposed to and if any of her kids come down with diabetes
(and they could, runs in the fam) she'd keep them on a strict
diet like her mom did them and not let them do whatever
they wanted to with a pump.>>

So, because I had the misfortune to be diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes
(through no fault of my own), I should be relegated to not being able to do
what "normal" people do.  Hmmmm I think this person needs her head examined,
and why shouldn't a person with an illness be able to control it to live the
best life they possibly can?  I wonder if she would give her kids an aspirin
if they got a bad headache or just tell them to sit quietly and wait for it
to go away?  Btw, my endo is now thrilled with me on a pump, I no longer
have the severe lows from following a relatively strict diet and still have
wonderful bgs.  My need to go on a pump was not so I could do whatever I
want (although that has been one big bonus) but to try to be more
predictable with my insulin treatment.  Long acting NPH had no
predictability for me, while with the pump, I can tell pretty close what my
bg will be most of the time.   I feel sorry for her kids that she thinks
they should suffer if they got this disease.  It almost makes me think she
believes they should be punished for getting it in the first place (those
rotten kids *sarcasm here*).


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