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Re: [IP] Type I or Type II test?

dennis & carol teal wrote:
> I was never really given a straight answer as to my status.  Is there a test
> that can be run for determining type I or II?  I was told by my endo "If I
> was to pick one I would pick Type I for you because you cannot survive
> without insulin."

Well, it can be confusing in adults, but there are a few clues:

1. What was happening to your weight when you were diagnosed? (Going up,
Type 2, going down, Type 1)

2. Have you ever thrown ketones? (No, Type 2 or slow Type 1, Yes, Type

3. What's you total daily insulin dose? (Tough one here, but the more
you  need, the more likely you are to be insulin-resistant, a
characteristic of Type 2. But remember that some Type 1's are ALSO
insulin-resistant -- like having BOTH types of diabetes at the same

4. Are you an apple shape or a pear shape? (Apple shape indicates

5. Do you have co-existing conditions like hypertension,
hypercholesterolemia, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Addison's Disease, or
vitiligo? (Hypertension and hypercholesterolemia point toward Type 2;
the others point toward Type 1)

6. Is there any history of diabetes in your family? (You may have the
same kind as your relatives, BUT both types CAN coexist in one family

None of the answers to the above questions will give you a definitive
answer, but the more on one side or the other, the more likely it's that
type. Or you could be like me, and squarely in the middle!

I finally decided not to worry about it -- just to treat myself to the
best control I could achieve, with the lowest risk of side-effects and

That's why I sign myself Type Weird -- I might be a non-obese,
therefore, non-typical Type 2, OR I might be a very slowly evolving Type
1, but I don't care any more. I just care about having as healthy an old
age as I can achieve!

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