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Re: [IP] cause fo type 1

> I was told by my doctor,within the last 6 years, that type 1 is
> caused by a virus that you had as a kid. That was the first time I
> had heard that. Is it true? Years before as a kid and adolescent I
> was told the reason for my D was heredity. There was no one in my
> family that had it. Now there is me and a younger cousin. What is
> the cause?   Lauri

One of the theories is that Type I is caused by the body's response 
to an unknown infection which is probably a virus. The immune system 
manufactures antibodies which destroy the infectious agent and then 
go on to mis-identify the beta cells of the pancreas as the same 
infectious agent -- zap, they get those also. Further, there are 
apparently two immune cell types involved. If the second is triggered 
by an as-of-yet unknown infectious agent, it suppress the first 
forever -- thus paving the way for a vaccine that will prevent type I
Research on this is continuing as I understand it. It will not help 
those with type I now, but can possibly prevent it in the future.

Blaming type I on illness such a cold, flu, etc.... just before 
diagnosis is misdirected. The type I destruction process takes a 
while to happen. As you know now, when you are ill, your insulin 
requirement is much higher than normal. The diagnosis immediately 
following an illness is common because the process of beta cell 
destruction forces the pancreas to work harder and harder just to 
keep things in balance. Eventually you get the the same point as a 
type II where there is not enough production capacity to handle meal 
glucose peaks, but the average production manages to keep the overall 
bg levels close to normal. THEN, you get sick --- insulin requirement 
go up and you go over the DKA cliff -- so to speak, because there is 
not enough insulin production capacity to cover basal, meal and the 
illness at the same time.

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