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[IP] re:meters elite vs. qid

hi "canuk" (sorry don't see a name)
when i was first diagnosed (2 months ago) my doc gave me a precision qid
to try and wrote me the script for strips. on my first day i went low-40-
and pricked myself *47* times to get that number. my husband even held my
hands and did everything for me since i was shaking so badly. that meter
gave me so many errors we called their customer service and told them to
send us 100 more stips and a new meter since i had to prick myslf *10-20
times* before i would get a reading. i went thru 100 strips in 3 days!
then the new meter didn't work any better! i called my doc, thinking since
i was a newbie i could be doing it wrong. when i came into his office, HE
couldn't get it to work! their qid rep said some people won't work with it
if you have skinny or little fingers, like i do. he said you need "a well
formed drop of blood" for the sensor to work right. i got the accu-check
advantage and have not had one error message yet.
hope it doesn't go that poorly for you...good luck!!!
email @ redacted

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