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[IP] meters - elite vs qid

I was given two meters, a QID and an Extra, by the Medisense rep I met when I was working a diabetes care day at a local pharmacy. He
demonstrated the software for the meters and offered me a fantastic deal on the software and cables. I currently use the Elite XL and have
downloaded and reviewed their software so I called them to see if they could/would match the offer for the cable. I have talked with
customer service and also a supervisor and they refuse to match the offer. Did give them the 300-350 strip per month information and also
my work as a local diabetes mentor and being a JDF and ADA Advocate all to no avail. Very Disappointed! So, has anyone used the QID for an
extended period. What do you think of it and it's lancing device? Right now I'm having a problem with the strips and getting some error
messages but I'm sure I would adapt after a little more use. I will have to get a new prescription from the doc but I guess Abbott (QID)
has Bayer (Elite XL) beat on customer service after all. I do have two Advantage meters but their sales rep told me that the Camit
software was not for individual use ? ? ?

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