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[IP] insurance vent

I have had such an upsetting morning.  I am almost out of tenders but the 
rest of the 3 month supply i got with the pump is ok.  Well called Disetronic 
and they had me call my insurance.  Talked to this wacked out lady (I am so 
upset with this) and she said to get more supplies for my pump i would have 
to have my PCP send a letter stating i needed pump supllies to their medical 
board so they could decide whether I needed them and who I should be getting 
supplies from.  I told her you don't understand I have an insulin pump.  She 
said I know that but this is what you have to do.  She could not be reasoned 
with.  Well, I'm in tears, as far as I know my PCP doesn't even know I have a 
pump (haven't seen her) or what supplies it might need.  She doesn't take 
care of the diabetes at all.  My endo ordered the pump but the insurance 
didn't want to hear from her.
I am crying hard, bad morning, almost out of tenders and don't want to do the 
around the clock test BS and give self shot business.
I can't understand when they have paid $4,975 for this $5000 pump why they 
wouldn't know I would need supplies for it??  I don't know why i wasn't told 
I'd have to go thru this mess before I could be approved for supplies???????
Well after crying for 20 minutes I got a call back from the insurance 
company, from their diabetes case manager person.  She says the authorization 
was already set up and in my file for supplies for a year.  She wouldn't tell 
me why this other idiot lady gave me such a hard time about the whole mess.  
So now any time I have a question about the pump stuff I have her direct 
number so I can talk to her not some idiot answering phones who doesn't know 
what she is doing and should get fired if I had something to say about it.  I 
also have my authorization # to give to Disetronic myself anytime i need 
Just needed to share my adventures in pump coverage, golly.
thanks for listening...

type 1 diagnosed 9-81
new pumper!!
started 8-21-2000
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