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[IP] Re: didn't know you were a diabetic

In a message dated 10/16/00 10:55:40 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I know a few years ago while at work, I had a low...and ate hard candy. One
 of the ladies, did not comment to me, but spread the word that I did not
 take care of myself, she had caught me eating candy.  Anytime I did not make
 it to work or was not feeling well...this same lady would drop hints about
 "if I would just do what I was suppose to".
 I can't imagine what these people are going to think....when they actually
 see me feeding my face....now that I am on the pump.
 I have been pumping since last Wed. It has been rocky, although they are
 saying I am doing good. I had two lows, but it doesn't seem my carb ratio is
 not the same through the day.
 Notha >>
Congrats Notha on almost a week on the pump  :)
I am still having rocky days but it is getting better after
7 weeks.
I can't believe that lady at your work.  I haven't talked
about diabetes with many "outsiders" that is people without
diabetes for years.   They just don't get it and I don't
need sugar police telling me what to do.

type 1 diagnosed 9-81
new pumper!!
started 8-21-2000
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