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[IP] New Humulin Mixed Insulin..

Hi all,

Laundry can wait...

I may be WAY behind the times because for months I haven't been able to
keep up with the digest, but when I went to the pharmacy the other day I
noticed the box on the Lilly Humalog 3.0 cartridges had  changed.  When
I inquired as to why they would make a packaging change, the pharm. told
me that it was to help distinguish from the new mix that Lilly is making
in the cartridges.  They now have a mix which is 20 % NPH and 80 %.
I have heard of other mixes in the past, but didn't pay much attention
to it.  Would I ever love to have them make a mix of Humalog and Regular
Insulins.  How convenient that would be.  I wonder how this NPH/H mix
would work in the pump......anybody try a mix like this?

Barb....Erica's mom....Nova Scotia, Canada :)

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