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Re: [IP] The Pump's "Bad Image"?


You have hit the nail on the head.

When we were at Erica's diabetic daycare, there was a teenage boy there
who would not even talk about pumping.  His mother was quite interested
in pursuing the issue because he had decided that he was tired of
looking after his diabetes, tired of schedules, tired of having to give
needles, tired of the whole routine.  I am sure a lot of the people on
this list understand where he is coming from.

This kid was roped in by us and his mother.  While he was not around,
mom talked to us at length about the pump once she realized that Erica
was a pumper, and was amazed at the size of it and how the infusion set
worked (Sil).  When he came out of the nurse's office, he had to wait to
see the endo so the mom took advantage of the time he was in the waiting
room with us.  The mom went into action <g>  She asked many questions of
us, again, and Erica showed her the pump, again, and then the infusion
set, again....see where this is leading....and the stubborn young fellow
started to bring his head up from where it was laying on his chest, and
a spark of interest was there.  By the time we left, he was asking a few
questions and the mother was very happy indeed.  She now had a 15 yr old
who was going to ask the endo about pumping!  At least he was willing to
THINK about it :)

There were two things they were VERY surprised about

1.  The name 'pump' had them thinking it was a large, clunky, piece of
medical equipment.  How surprised they were to see how small it was.
They couldn't understand how we could fit 9 days on insulin into it!
And...it could fit into a pocket!!

2.  They too thought you could never disconnect from it.  Erica showed
them how easy it was to do, and told them that she took it off when she
was say....playing tackle with the kids at the playground, or swimming,
or showering.

Maybe the pump companies should put a little cardboard cutout pump
inside the box of information they send out so that the people could
assemble it, and see how big the pump actually is.  It makes a big
difference to hold it in your hand.

Well, the laundry still needs to be shovelled...better run

Barb....Erica's mom

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