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[IP] Basal Rates & Growing Kids....boy how they both change!

Hi all,

I responded privately to a digest entry the other day which got me

When Erica first started pumping 19 months ago, she had an average basal
rate of approx .5  over a 24 hr period.  Since that time, we have made
many basal rate changes, and now average basal rate has been increased
to .9 over 24 hours.  She is 12, and going through puberty, so we are
constantly making changes it seems.  The reason I mention this, is I was
wondering how much the basal rates of other growing children have
changed who have been pumping for awhile.  It would be very interesting
to see.

I would love to have this information for myself, and to share with
Erica's endo and other parents who are just starting pumping and may not
realize how constant the change might be depending on which stage of
growth their child is going through. I know YMMV, but it would be
interesting to see how much growth does affect the requirements of
insulin.  I think of all those people trying to handle this with
needles, and hats off to those who do a wonderful job (of which there
are many), but I thank God every day I have a pump to help me deal with
the complexities of a growing young lady.  Erica was very difficult to
control with injections even prior to raging hormones and I shudder to
think how often this child would have to get needles during the day to
keep things under control now.....

Well, time to shovel laundry :)

Barb....Erica's mom

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