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[IP] High am / temp basals overnight

Well...I woke up feeling awful and tested at 298(Went to be last night at 
12:00 with a 108 and bolused .2 (not a correction but I had eaten SOME fat 
and thought it would hitting soon. It was a conservative guess). 

So... here's happened:

Ate apple pie yesterday at 4:00.

 Actually I bolused for 2 servings apple pie (a low sat fat recipe but made 
with nilla wafers and margarine) 

and 2 more servings at 5:00 when bg dropped to 54 (maybe I overbolused up 

Total of 4 fat "exchanges" I thought (Agh..... just looked it up... it was 2 
exchanges or 10 gms per serving... so I ate...GULP... 40 gms of fat :) Ate 
regular dinner.   At 9:00 I ate toast w/ tbsp peanut butter and 17 gm carb sf 
yogurt w/ a tbsp. whipped cream.

So I've already answered my question probably... but how can I fix this 
better at 12:00, provided I have read the contents correctly :) Can fat start 
hitting 7 hrs later? This is not the first time fat has messed up my am 
readings. Should I use a temp basal and what time should it start????

Oh... those New Macs from the farmer's market. They are too good. Any kind 
advice would be appreciated (but not about eating so much fat and not reading 
properly :) because... I know ...I know...) Also I had problem waking in 
middle of night as I was WAY overtired. 

Beth (&Oscar)
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