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Re: [IP] Shane's CGMS

jimnightshade1 wrote:
>I was on the CGMS at about the same time as your husband. 
>I'd be interested in seeing his results. How do you post them here? I just >have the printouts--is there a file that can be produced?

Some people have reported that they got a computer disk with Excel
files. We also only got printouts. I can scan them in and post them on a
web page so the files don't clutter up the list or have anyone worry
about attachments. Will let you know the web address in a day or so when
I get it done...

> I'm also wondering about the accuracy of the CGMS--it had me rather low at
> certain times, but then a bounce back by itself (in the 6:00 a.m. time
> frame). I tried lowering my basals, but then I was too high in the a.m. I've
> never tested as low as the CGMS read--though the averages of my tests and
> the CGMS were identical.

Interesting. Shane has tested quite low on several occasions, but rarely
under 50 since starting the pump. There were only 2 times he bottomed
out the CGMS sensor at 40, and we're quite sure he really was under 40
one of those times. So for him I think the readings from the CGMS must
be pretty accurate.
Those nighttime basals seem to be the trickiest part for us too. Have
you tried doing a 3am check? Perhaps only part of your overnight basals
need to be reduced instead of all of them? For Shane, the problem seems
to be that the act of waking up and doing a 3am BG check seems to
somehow AFFECT the BGs for the rest of the night! It is bizarre, but if
he checks at 3am, then things are fine for the rest of the night. If he
does not check at 3am, he will generally go low by 6am. This is a
consistent thing, not just once or twice. That is one of the reasons we
really wanted to try the CGMS, so we could find out exactly what hours
the problem was occuring without getting up at 3. Too soon to tell for
sure yet, but I think the new basals are helping.
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