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Re: [IP] The Pump's "Bad Image"?

On 16 Oct 2000, at 17:44, tim d wrote:

> Does the "Insulin Pump" have a bad presidence about
> it, especially with young adults?

I had two major concerns:
* intense needlephobia
* feeling like an invalid because of it

But since I found out about the SofSerter, the needlephobia part is 
less critical.  And after having to give myself two shots in my 
brother's boat, down below--getting seasick because down-below 
for even a few minutes makes me stick *every time*, I have more 
incentive to want something more convenient and versatile.

Feeling like an invalid..... Over on alt.support.diabetes, when I 
asked people what it was like, I'd posted it with the subject "I feel 
like a freak".  I mentioned in a post to this group this weekend that 
I had images of colostomy bags.  I also had images of people 
wheeling IV bags around a convalescent home, smelling bad.  So 
for me, it had connotations of terminal illness or extreme age.  I 
seem to have worked through that though, cuz the images don't 
pop up now at all and instead I'm just anxious to hurry up.

Self-consciousness isn't a problem for me.  I tend to enjoy grossing 
people out a bit with things like that.  :-)  I think I would have 
enjoyed that even as a teen, unless my peers gave me a hard time 
about it, I suppose.  Then again, I was a geek anyway and got 
picked on frequently as it was, so I'd probably have viewed it as 
badge of courage and proof of mental strength.

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