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[IP] pizza question

Hello everyone,

I haven't started on the pump yet, but I have been reading about how to
program my new Minimed 508,  and I have experience carb counting.  I know
that the question I am about to ask has probably been brought up on this
group more than a couple times,  but I'd still like some answers so here it

On pizza injections ,  I give myself one shot before and then take another
shot of a few units,  two hours later.  However, I noticed that the dual
wave bolus is an option similiar to that on the pump.  So my question is
this,  what's better to give myself two boluses similiar to taking two
injections, or just to program a dual wave bolus? I know this a YMMV issue,
but I'd just like to know what works for you.  Thanks.

- Paul
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