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Re: [IP] Pregancy Update--Again today

>Anyone got any tips on this strange sick/hungry feeling??

My sister-in-law is 7 months pregnant at the moment. She says the only
food that never made her sick was popcorn. One week I swear my brother
practically had to force feed her to get her to eat anything else, and
most of it came back up anyway...  She says you can go from "I am
starving" to "YUCK don't even make me watch you eat" back to starving in
under 5 minutes. She claims if you can make it through the first 4
months or so it gets better.
Also she was extremely tired for the first 3 months. She took a 2 hour
nap every day! Now at 7 months she is much less tired than she was in
the beginning.
So hang in there, sounds like it will get better eventually... Good luck
with the popcorn, or crackers, or whatever you can find that works for
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