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[IP] Didn't know you were diabetic

I wanted to add to this thread myself, though it's a little off line.  What
I hate is when non-diabetic people who don't know I'm type 1 are talking
about someone they know who is diabetic.  They are typically off-base about
things and using stereotypical terms and generallities, and I don't want to
get into it because I'd rather not tell them that I'm diabetic or embarras
them.  Our departmental accountant was telling me about an acquaintance who
was on the pump but was overweight and ate a poor diet but didn't care and
just bolused the heck out of it.  I fidgeted until I couldn't take it any
more and told her my situation and the realities of type one diabetes.
People don't know the difference between type 1 and type 2 and have a lot of
preconceived notions.  Furthermore, most people I've met seem to want to
talk of someone they knew who died fairly young of complications.  Thanks
for the pick-me-up.


SNIP>>>>>>>Carol Teal said "Okay group so this is kinda fun I just thought
of another one.

 How about "Oh My Gosh Larry (or whoever) I didn't know you were diabetic.
And then Larry will respond by saying something like "No Notha I'm not
diabetic"  Then Notha can say "Oh how silly of me I assumed you knew what
you were talking about." ;o)-gotta stay off this computer. Carol


I like this Your feedback the best!!!

Usually, I just smile and say "Thank you for Sharing!" with one of those
sweet and patronizing smiles on my face.  My daughter keeps telling me to be
nice.  I keep telling her I don't give medical advice to other folks.  Heck,
I used to tell people, when they would say they are coming down with a cold,
to take that zinc and vitamin c.  Now don't even do that. I don't know
diddley about other diseases - what makes all these other people think they
know all about the latest medical care of diabetics.

Derek Ryter
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Oregon

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