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[IP] Pumping the bike and the insulin

I rode my hilly 27-mile loop yesterday, and about 40 minutes before, turned
my basal rate down to 0.1 units per hour so that I didn't have a lot of
insulin left from lunch.  I tested before I left and was 103, and after 1.5
hours riding pretty hard, it was 105.  And I didn't eat anything!  I didn't
even eat much after I got back until dinner.  I normally eat something at
1.5 hours or before if I feel low, but this time it really showed how
dropping the amount of insulin in your blood helps you use your stored
glycogen reserves and not suck every bit of glucose out of your blood.

I don't bolus power bars on the bike either, but you really have to get some
insulin in your system when you cool down or your BG can shoot up.

The pump is so much better than any number of injections or any amount of
Nph!  I used to bonk every time if I didn't eat at one hour, and sometimes
before that depending on where I injected at.


Derek Ryter
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Oregon

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