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[IP] Pregancy Update--Again today

It must be the grossest thing in the world--to be hungry and dreaming about food
while you also feel like hurling.   God it's disgusting.  Spaghetti and vomit.
I have cranked my basals back a bit, trying to keep the lows at bay.  They seem to
come without much warning lately.  And man, am I tired!  I'm only five weeks tops,
but all I feel like doing is sleeping.  I was on my feet a lot Saturday and my
ankles are already swelling!  Maybe I am carrying triplets or something.  Or just a
baby elephant.  Anything is possible I guess.
I'm not sure what is up with my endo.  I have left several messages but he is never
in the office the last few days.  I guess I will catch up with him eventually.
Anyone got any tips on this strange sick/hungry feeling??

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Dreaming of spaghetti while I try to keep the hurl down

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