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[IP] Sherry's Pregnancy Update


I've seen your posts since you made your announcements last week (I'm new to
IP), and I want to try to reassure you that you will probably not cause
undue harm to your baby despite the severe hypos you're having.  You will
need to test much more frequently, and to realize that the baby is "drawing"
quite a bit from you so your response to highs will diminish.

I got pg about 7 days after I went on the pump nearly 18 years ago.  One
time, my husband just thought I was being a b***h, when really I was
absolutely down in la-la land!  (He had asked if I was going to work that
day and I said I was, but I never got out of bed).  My mom called me, put me
on hold, then came back and told me not to freak out, but she had called the
paramedics!  They took me to the local hospital and took a stat glucose test
(wouldn't let me use my glucometer), and had no concept of pump therapy
(I've read the strings about non-diabetics with interest).  My bG at the
time was 37; the results came back an hour later, and they wouldn't release
me until I ate!  (I think that visit cost about $800, back in 1983!).  That
was just one hypo incident that occurred, but the best news is:  my daughter
was born with no problems, 5 lb, 13 oz, 18" at 37 weeks gestation (they
delivered her early because they were concerned about toxemia), with her
lungs fully developed, and not oversized at all.  The tight control and
monitoring during my pregnancy made all the difference (I was treated for
retinopathy during my pg).  She's 17 now, no problems whatsoever.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.  It's good that your husband is so
aware of what's going on with you and that he knows what to do.  Keep in
close tabs with your diabetes management team (I had a great team:  there
was a study that was being funded by March of Dimes at the time of my
pregnancy to monitor the effects of tight control and pregnancy w/Type 1s). 
And - keep us updated! :D

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Kathy Fagan

"Tomorrow has two handles:  the handle of fear and the handle of faith.
You can take hold of it by either handle."  --Unknown

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