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[IP] Re:Dizzy Spells

In a message dated 10/16/2000 11:28:20 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:


 Hello, does anyone know what dizzy spells mean in a diabetic? I have been
 having them all through the night and this morning also every few minutes. 
    I would like to offer a few of the possible causes for dizziness.  There 
are so many that I would encourage you to see your doctor.  Dizziness could 
be related to your blood pressure either too high or too low, standing up 
quickly, taking medications that cause dizziness as a side effect, being 
dehydrated (not drinking enough after having diarrhea, persistent high blood 
sugars, sweating and exercising, etc..), lack of sleep, an inner ear 
infection, motion sickness, when your blood sugar is dropping quickly, and 
many other causes.
     I hope you will have this checked out and watch for when it occurs.  
Check your blood sugar  and write it down (also the time of day and what you 
were doing before it started...such as standing up, bending over, reading...) 
along with other symptoms (blurred vision, nausea, etc...) these notes will 
help your doctor.
Take Care & Good Luck
Anne Morris RPh   
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