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[IP] Didn't know you were diabetic

SNIP>>>>>>>Carol Teal said "Okay group so this is kinda fun I just thought
of another one.

 How about "Oh My Gosh Larry (or whoever) I didn't know you were diabetic.
And then Larry will respond by saying something like "No Notha I'm not
diabetic"  Then Notha can say "Oh how silly of me I assumed you knew what
you were talking about." ;o)-gotta stay off this computer. Carol


I like this Your feedback the best!!!  

Usually, I just smile and say "Thank you for Sharing!" with one of those
sweet and patronizing smiles on my face.  My daughter keeps telling me to be
nice.  I keep telling her I don't give medical advice to other folks.  Heck,
I used to tell people, when they would say they are coming down with a cold,
to take that zinc and vitamin c.  Now don't even do that. I don't know
diddley about other diseases - what makes all these other people think they
know all about the latest medical care of diabetics.

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