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Re: [IP] Sherry's Pregnancy Update

    I was 8 weeks pregnant and had a low reaction in the middle of the 
night. I went to bed around 11 pm and by 2 am I was low. My husband ta 
checked my sugar, since I couldn't. It read 0. He called the ambulance. He 
was giving my glucagon when the police came (They beat the ambulance there). 
The police were trying to talk him out of giving me my glucagon until the 
ambulance got there. But my husband ignored him. 15 minutes later I had come 
to in the ambulance. When I arrived at the hospital I too was worried that 
something had happened with the baby. I even had a stupid nurse tell me that 
whatever happened to my happened to the baby (Now that was reassuring). When 
the dr. arrived I was in tears and he said I was fine. I told him what the 
nurse had said and he corrected her BIG TIME!!!! He told me that what had 
happened was that the baby must have gotten hungry and took what I needed. 
The baby got it's food supply first. I was still a little nervous but my son 
is a fine 6 year old and I have not had a low that bad since. Hope this 
helps and congrats on you HbA1C. Rachel

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