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[IP] scared/long story

Carol wrote about her horrible night:
>  -don't know why I bother trying to sleep) On my way to my
>  glucometer-got hit with a low and feeling really sick with 

First off, I highly recommend keeping the meter, or a spare meter and a jar 
of dex tabs or your preferred method of low treatment NEXT to your bed, under 
your bed, inthe nightstand...whereever.  If you don't want to wake up the 
other person, keep a little flashlight in there with it.  Almost all of the 
meter companies will send you a free meter when you tell them you test 8-10 
times a day - they know the money is in sellingyou the strips!

Having spent the last 3 years sleeping in a LOFT, there was no way I wanted 
to navigate down a ladder in the throes of a low (in search of socks,most 
often...), so i just took it up with me.  Before that, I lived alone for 3 
years and if I stumbled on route to wherever I kept meters and dex tabs, I 
might be REALLY late to work the next day...Even now, in a real grown up bed, 
and a housemate within gasping distance, I keep my meter on the nightstand 
with the jar of dextabs within reach

>  cup and a half of juice-husband fixed me some PB bread. 
> Checked my sugars 15 minutes later -45? Drank juice (8oz) and
>  ate another PB on bread checked another 15 minutes 83
> Ate another 23carbs checked 112.  Was very surprised at how 
> hard it was for me to bring my bs's up

I would think all the peanut butter is slowing the carbs down.  In my 
opinion, you should treat a low with dextrose only, as that gets in you fast, 
no messing around with digestion like with fruit, or crackers or milk.  When 
you are that low, what you are after is a QUICK 50-75 point rise in blood 
sugar...don't worry about 2-3 hours down the road.  Might I sugggest next 
time, if there is a next time, just take 15-30 grams of cho in the form of 
pure dextrose (4-8 dex tabs) and wait 15 minutes before taking anything else, 
or eating anything like peanut butter.  

I know in the heat of the moment, you (and I and most others) often panic and 
try to eat the fridge...but honestly if you over treat a low, you may end up 
way high later and then you are on that &#@&^$ roller coaster...

Hope you are feeling better!  and put a meter next to your bed!  I know that 
cold bathroom floor feels good, but if you trip on the way there and crack 
your head on the toilet, you won't be able to enjoy the cold sensation very 

Sara SP
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