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[IP] Shane's CGMS experience-long

Well, we finally got Shane's results back on the continuous blood
glucose monitor. Here is our experience for anyone interested:
-We did not like the MM rep. He got off to a bad start by referring to
Shane's D pump as a "pseudo-pump". Shane then made the mistake of trying
to explain to this guy why he went with D, including that he got 2 pumps
and that it is waterproof. The rep then replied "well of course you need
2 pumps as often as they break down." Then he tried to insinuate that
the D was not really waterproof....  I find this uncalled for and highly
unprofessional. I don't care who is doing it or what pump company they
are from.
-Now, onto the CGMS. Shane has gotten really itchy red sites in the past
from the wings on the micros. We were afraid this might happen with the
CGMS site but it didn't. Whatever plastic or tape or antibiotic it is on
the micros that his skin doesn't like was not on the sensor.  However,
when he took the sensor out at the end of 3 days, the hole was pretty
big (much bigger than from any infusion set) and very bloody and nasty
looking. He said it didn't hurt tho. It has healed up with some
antibiotic and band-aids. Also he was a bit annoyed by the huge hunk of
tape required to hold the sensor. Sils/tenders stick to him really well
with no extra tape so he didn't like the big tape stuck to him.
-Shane hooked up on Sept 21. Turned in the monitor on Sept 25. The
results page shows it was printed on Sept 28. However, MM rep did not
bother to give the results to our Endo/CDE until Oct 11. The Endo (and
ourselves) are not happy with this turn around time. The Endo has
decided that if they buy a sensor they will obviously have to buy the
communications device to download results themselves.
-On to the results: we knew that Shane was dropping in the early
morning, but we didn't know exactly when or how much. This info was
immediately obvious on the printouts and we are working on adjusting
these basals now.
-Shane usually tests at 6am when he wakes and again at noon. The noon
reading is usually great. We did not know that between 6 and noon he is
climbing to 300 and then coming back down to 100! Working to fix this
now too. Quite useful stuff.
-We also found out that the average of his meter reading and the average
of the sensor readings are quite close, so the CDE feels he is generally
doing a good job with taking his BGs. -- appropriate number of them,
timing of them, etc. except of course for the absence of the BG check
between 6 and noon.
-one odd thing: whenever he did extra insulin or ate anything we were
extremely careful to enter this info into the sensor. I double checked
each time to make sure he did it. However, some of these events didn't
show up in the printout. In particular, one day it looks like he didn't
ever eat!
-oh yes, our favorite result, which we did not fill the CDE in on: We
discovered that Shane's method of handling "extracurricular activities"
aka. "frolicking" appears to be working just great :-)

If anyone has questions about our experience or would like to see the
actual printouts we got, let me know.
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