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[IP] Re: Insurance letter

In a message dated 10/12/00 3:18:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Subject: Re: [IP] Insurance letter
 Who sent the letter to the insurance co.?  A pump company? (which one?).  
 They certainly should be more knowledgeable than they sound.  Contact them 
 and let them know just how many errors they made and how it may effect your 
 receiving a pump.  Minimed helped me with an insurance letter but they sent 
 the letter to me first so that I could proofread it and make any 
  I don't blame you for being upset it sounds like someone didn't do their 
 correctly by writing and sending that letter without contacting you.  Let 
 them know just how upset you are (speak to someone in patient relations or a 
 manager not just the letter writer) and get them to make corrections to the 
 letter and contact the ins. co.  Getting a pump is hard enough without stuff 
 like that happening!  Tell them to get their facts straight!
 The letter was written by the endos secretary.  I called her in regard to 
the errors.  She said she followed a form that they had on file. It was one 
of those "fill in the blanks" things.  I questioned her on the errors and she 
said the doctor read the letter and signed it. It has taken many months to 
get this far.  Saturday I received a notice that one of our insurance 
policies would not be in effect after 10/31!   I sure would like to get the 
pump before then!  We will appeal the inusrance decision and hopefully have 
the policy reinstated. 
Never dreamed I'd be battling insurance companies, endos, schools, family and 
friends over diabetes!
Grand-mom to Cory
age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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