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Re: [IP] Next Generation - MiniMed 511

>[MM 511] is expected to be slightly smaller size with bidirectional infrared >communication for PC connection and radiowave transmitter for continuous >monitoring devices.

>My doctor as well as the sales rep for MiniMed said they have heard of the >511 being able to connect or include the Continuous Glucose Monitoring >System, but this is not confirmed yet.

When Shane did the CGMS trial a couple of weeks ago, the MM rep
"suggested" a couple of things:
-the next version of the CGMS would have RF communication between the
sensor site and a receiver such as a watch, so you could check your BG
whenever you wanted and there would be no cord between the site and the
watch. This was expected to be released within 1-2 years.
-the next MM pump would incorporate the new CGMS into the pump, with the
above RF feature also available to download to computers. Also within
1-2 years.
-Within 2-3 years there will be a MM pump which incorporates the CGMS
AND is fully closed-loop. That is, it will monitor your blood sugars
continuously and automatically modify your insulin needs. ie. an
external artificial pancreas.

Personally, I think these statements are more than just a bit
optimistic. But then, I also disliked the rep so I would have a hard
time believing anything he said...
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