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Re: [IP] different story - same *junk* I see good and bad

Hi all....

Just wanted to put my .02 worth in here.

We are very fortunate, to have a very proactive diabetic clinic in the
children't hospital here in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  When we were in for
Erica's diabetic daycare a week ago, the CDE asked Erica if she would
speak to other children on the pump, for future reference.  That is the
day Erica was filmed for a snippet on a t.v. health program broadcast
nationally here in Canada about diabetes, and pumping specifically.  By
the time we left the hospital that day, a teenage boy, who formerly
would not talk about the pump, was now interested in pumping.  He
'overheard' us talking to his mother about the benefits of pumping and
by 'coincidence', was in the room when his mother asked to see the pump
and the infusion site <g>  Parents can be soooooo sneaky :)

I consider us very fortunate to have come across some extremely
supportive medical professionals.  They were hesitant about pumping in
the beginning, but have jumped on the bandwagon.  At least now they are
mentioning pumping and are open to putting children on it.  When I first
approached about Erica, there were no children on pumps in our area.
There are now 10, with 5 in the wings awaiting insurance approval.  WE
If only more medical professionals were as open to new things.  Erica's
eye specialist is thrilled with her checkups and thinks the pump is
wonderful.  Erica's GP is learning all she can about it and always asks
questions about the pump even if I am in there for myself.  I consider
myself so fortunate that we are being taken care of by people who give a
damn, and there are quite a few thank heavens.

I know of  people who have had problems with their doctors, Darrin
included, and one of them is visiting with me right now.  My own
mother.  Her blood sugars range from 8.9 in the morning (mmol) to 21.0
as the day wears on and her doctor told her not to worry, it was a
result of prednisone(sp?).  So why doesn't he treat her like a diabetic
while she is on this drug?  I am soooo frustrated by the lack of
concern.  They said her A1C of 9.5 was just as a result of medications.
I had asked her to push them into getting her blood sugar tested.  With
that result, they did nothing!!  Unfortunately she is from out of town,
and I can't be there to speak to the doctor myself.  I am so frustrated
by this!!  But, I will not let go of it, I have learned to fight the
fight when necessary.  Good thing for long distance telephone rate
packages :)

I wish Erica could always be under the umbrella of the children's
hospital.  Once an adult, I fear she will not have the support she has
received in the past.  Darrin, I hope you find somebody good in the
meantime, I am counting on you <vbg>.  Perhaps by then my wonderful GP
will be a pump expert...I can only hope :)

Barb....Erica's mom

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