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[IP] sherry's pregnancy


I read your email.  When I was between three and four months along I had to 
be taken to the hospital twice for low blood readings where I had fallen 
asleep and no one could wake me, but the baby was fine.  They did 
ultrasounds while I was in the hospital and everything was okay.  I know 
both times I was around 19 or 17.  I know it is scary, but it seems like 
when I went low there was not much concern, but if I was high, that seemed 
to be the concern.

I don't see how they weren't concerned, when I was so "out of it" but 
everything ended up okay.  When I read your email, it took me back to me and 
my husband sitting on the bed drinking juice and eating waivers, boy I can 

Take care

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