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[IP] What it is like to Wear a YoYo

On 15 Oct 2000, at 19:58, wombn wrote:

> I haven't got a pump yet.  I only just started the ball rolling on
> getting one.  One of my biggest concerns would be what it's like to
> wear one.  A couple weeks ago, I asked alt.support.diabetes what it's
> like.  

As suggested in the past, when you want to simulate what it is like 
to wear a pump, tape the end of a YoYo string to your belly.  The 
size and weight of the YoYo will be similar to a pump.  Of course 
you probably won't have a clip case for your YoYo, so just wear it 
in a pocket.  Don't forget to give it a spin every time you eat some 
carbs though!      ;>)


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