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Re: [IP] Scared - long story

Firstly, even if it means going out of pocket, have you considered having a
meter right by your bedside? Buying an extra one, even a cheap-o?

 Having to get up half asleep and hypo isn't a great idea.  I also keep a
bottle of glucose tabs at my bedside as if I need to, I can eat a few and go
back to sleep easier than having gotten out of my bed.

Are you taking more insulin in light of the infection? If so, maybe you
simply took too much bolus last night.  If this is happening often, perhaps
you can lower the night time basals by .1 u/h ? Over a few hours, this will
keep you right?

I do hope you're feeling better today, and if you can, eat a bit of cereal
and go back to bed for a while.  But get that other glucometer.  If you're
really stuck, email me privately at email @ redacted
I'll see what I can do for you.

Jenny Sutherland

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From: "dennis & carol teal"
Subject: [IP] Scared - long story
> I don't know for sure what would happened but I honestly think I wouldn't
> here today-these humbling experiences-not having control over your own
> really play on my mind. Needless to say when he left for work at 5:00 this
> a.m. I haven't been back to sleep. No sense calling my endo-he'll say it's
> due to my illness-my G.P. isn't familiar with the pump-not in a mood to
> fight today-such is life.  Take Care-moral of the story-who knows. Thanks
> for listening-anyone else have this with medication before? Would be nice
> they could pinpoint which med did this - perhaps I could take myself off
> pump and just take the pill!

Carol Teal

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