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[IP] Need Facts on skin behavior

When I am stressed or feeling cold, pinching up skin to insert my Silhouette
is hard.  I always encounter resistance and feel pain not only as I insert
but for some time after.  Rarely so when I'm warm and relaxed.  This week I
noticed that when I inject my diabetic cat with her PZI  her skin tenses up
as soon as I start pinching up her skin.  There is always resistance as I
introduce the needle under the skin and it feels as if I am injecting into a
muscle.  What used to be a painless procedure for both my cat and me is now
a painful one.  Is there a common denominator here?  Does the skin "know" it
is going to be penetrated and try to protect itself against the "attacker"?

When I became diabetic in 1956, I was on two shots of insulin a day.  Globin
insulin in the morning and PZI at night.  I was the only kid at Camp Banting
(near Ottawa, Canada) on this type of regimen.  I got pitting in my thighs
and was told to stop injecting there.  The pitting went away over time.
I've always wondered if this was an effect of the injection per se or the
type of insulin I was on.  Globin or PZI?
I switched to NPH in 1962 when I moved to the USA and could only find Globin
insulin at a pharmacy in the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

When my cat was put on insulin in May of this year she did not respond to
Humulin U so she was put on Animal Source PZI and I had to sign a form
saying that I understood this to be an experimental drug!!!!  HUH?

Actually both Yoyo and I are doing well right now except for the painful
insertions.  My last A1C was 6.8.  Just for fun, I tested my urine with
Diastix after testing Yoyo's urine, something I had not done in years.
Urine negative for me, 2% for Yoyo.   Having spent most of my life being
scolded for my high glucose urine tests I felt TRIUMPHANT!!!   Blessed be my
pump, Mamie!

Denise Guerin
Type 1 46 years
Minimed 507 2-1/2 years

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