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[IP] Scared - long story

Hi Group
First I'd like to thank for all the responses and help for my deleting
files.  I've been wondering how to do that for sometime now.  I will however
next time not put this to the group as asked and send it to the correct site
computer related questions.

I've been not feeling well since last Monday went to the Dr. last
Thursday-dx'd with bronchitis and inner ear-rx'd allegra-D and Cefzil and
Tobramycin (eye drops for my ears).  Have had a continual Head Ache and
sweats with chills-the sweats are driving me crazy.  Anyways last night I
woke up around 12:00 head ache and sweating-was tired so chocked it off to
my not feeling well.  Woke up awhile later and thought I had better check my
bs to play it safe (have been getting out of bed for a week now checking
3x's nightly-don't know why I bother trying to sleep) On my way to my
glucometer-got hit with a low and feeling really sick with sweats-still not
thinking I was low esp. with nausea-thought I was High.  Hit me so hard,
knew I should call for help headed back towards the bedroom and called for
my husband - had presents of mind to check my bs because again assumed my
sugars were very high.  Then headed towards the rest room and when I sat on
the cold floor it felt so good that I thought I would just wait it out until
I felt better, realized I wasn't going to feel better and got scared my
husband went back to sleep-good thing he didn't because he read my
glucometer and came in with some juice my bg's were at 27. Felt pretty
bad-still do.

Drank the cup and a half of juice-husband fixed me some PB bread. Checked my
sugars 15 minutes later my bs were 45? Drank another cup of juice (8oz) and
ate another PB on bread checked another 15 minutes 83. Ate another 23carbs
checked again about 3:00 112.  Was very surprised at how hard it was for me
to bring my bs's up-I must be readting to my meds.  who knows I have never
had this problem before.  If I was alone and had it not been for my husband
I don't know for sure what would happened but I honestly think I wouldn't be
here today-these humbling experiences-not having control over your own body-
really play on my mind. Needless to say when he left for work at 5:00 this
a.m. I haven't been back to sleep. No sense calling my endo-he'll say it's
due to my illness-my G.P. isn't familiar with the pump-not in a mood to
fight today-such is life.  Take Care-moral of the story-who knows. Thanks
for listening-anyone else have this with medication before? Would be nice if
they could pinpoint which med did this - perhaps I could take myself off the
pump and just take the pill!   Carol Teal

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