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Re: [IP] the non-diabetic

>From: Darrin Parker <email @ redacted>
>At each and every eye appointment I get ragged out for saying I'm on MDI
>(they never heard o fthat) and told I am bad because I can't give a
>definite answer as to how many shots I take per day nor what my bg usually
>is.  If I say the bg values range form x to y; they get angrey and insist
>that if I test once a week; i should be able to giove a definite answer
>like 5.2!

Heh... deja vu!  At my eye doc the "eye dropper" person always asks "And
what is your blood sugar today?".  Having dealt with many of the types you
mention before, I usually give them an average.  Once, when I got fed up, I
responded "It was 150 in the morning, an hour ago it was 110, now it's
probably 90 or so".  Blank look.  "What is it today?" "120".  Only one
doctor I have ever seen wanted to hear about standard deviations or any
statistical measurement of variability in sugars.  Rampant innumeracy, I

This is nothing compared to the endo I visited who looked prime for
retirement.  I told him I was a diabetic and wanted to get my yearly tests.
 He pulled out a Lifescan One touch, did a fingerstick on me, and
proclaimed me fine as my sugar was 120!  My diabetes was in "fine control".
 Yikes.  Note, this was in 1994 or so.

>How do we combat ignorance like this?  I try to educate as many of the
>GPs's and nurses as I meet but it takes energy to keep getting no where
>after years of trying to educate these people.

Most are still trying to wrap their minds around the Type I / Type II
conundrum, and haven't considered that "adult onset" and "juvenile
diabetes" are meaningless and misleading terms.  If they don't show that
basic level of knowledge you will have a very long conversation ahead of you.

Dave S.

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