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[IP] Eye Problems

I am not D, but I run low 70s most of the time and should eat 6 small meals a 
day.  I am nearsighted and wear glasses to drive.
But, I was driving the other day, going around a curve  that went up a hill 
and I blinked and EVERYTHING WAS UPSIDE DOWN, BLINKED AGAIN all was the way 
the world should be.  It scared ME and I am so glad I didn't panic but stayed 
the course.
I have an appointment, this weeks since it time for eye exam. 
Kap's eye doc gave us a card with the different pictures of eye problems and 
what it would look like if they occurred.  Signs that we should be aware of, 
but seeing things upside down was not one that I recalled.
Darlene, Mom to Kap age 10 - dxd 8/26/98 - pumping 1/19/00.
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