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[IP] Update on Kap

He was having the problems with highs upon waking, yet going to bed with 
great #s, so I called his endo, in AZ - she needs a vacation also.  Anyway, 
she and I talked and came to an agreement.  Kap has started having dawn phen.
So we went up on his basel rate across the board - .7 from midnight to 7:am 
It has been 2 weeks now since his basel change and so far, no lows or highs 
in the morning or night and doing great during the day (knocking on wood)
Just great #s.   
I had been checking him before we made the change and he was also fine at 
1:30-2:30 time frame.  
Also, you guys were correct, I was wrong.  You said Kap would do it when he 
was ready.  I just could never see him being ready.  Kap started doing his 
own site changes about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I am surely the most surprised MOM 
there ever will be on this earth.  But also I am the proudest Mom. 
Now, I ask you, Since he is doing his own site changes and his #s are doing 
so much better, does that mean he is a better son than I was a Mom LOL.  His 
#s are doing so good.   
Sometimes, he will ask me how much to bolus for a food, I tell him what I 
think and he will go over or under the amount of bolus.  I tell him to watch 
out and for lows or highs and when he checks he is right on target 
afterwards.  He enjoys being correct in his decisions and proving me wrong. 
He is really growing up. 
I guess he knows is body better than I do, I just didn't think at 10 years 
old it would happen.
With all this being said and him doing things on his own, I can now see him 
being out on his own 1 day in the far future,  without me having anxiety 
attacks just thinking about it happening.
Thank all of you for your wisdom, that I have shared with Kap.
Darlene - Mom to Kap who knows more than I do! (About D at least)
**** I still ask him, "Why does he think he has to go back to school each 
day?"  Because he didn't learn everything I know! 
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