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[IP] ultimate on bad bedside manner...

CJ wrote

> The first sign of clots is USALLY Cramps......in the calf and foot
>  that are so painful.....And the Leg usally becomes very swollen,
> kinda like a light brownish red....f left untreated or not dected in 
> time the clots can move to the lungs and cause whats called a
>  "pulminary embolism"= Lung clots!!! Y

oh yeahi forgot about that!!  me and my friend who had come to the hospital 
following my mind numbing cramp, where discussing Lucy's demise on ER while 
we were waiting for my test results...Lucy, as you may remember last season, 
was stabbed and then suffered long and agonizingly until a pulmonary embolism 
did her in...so me and delia are talking about this and how there was never a 
George Clooney doctor around when YOU are in ths hospital, when a nurse comes 
in to fuss with something or another....we were joking around about poor 
Lucy's horrible way to end the show, and the nurse goes..."oh, that is what 
we think you might have......"

Delia said I turned white as a sheet and then I looked like I wanted to 
murder the nurse...can you blame me?  jeeez louise, don;t they teach 
sensitivity and awareness in nursing school anymore Brian?  It would have 
been ONE thing to say, "Oh, that is what we thought you HAD" and to be that 
flippant about it... but to say "Oh, that is what we think you MIGHT HAVE" is 
a completely different case..."  I think Murder would have been proven 
provoked...if I didn't die from my PE on my way to find a hatchet to do her 
in with....

Obviously, I didn't have one....

Sara SP
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