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Re: [IP] the non-diabetic

I have very definitely been fortunate so far.  The only person I've 
encountered this past year who was *persistently* like that was a 
once-removed relative who was T2. And we argued for an hour at 
least, pretty much emptied the kitchen of other people, too.. :-)  
Nothing like two diabetics arguing in the kitchen over whether that 
slice of lemon meringue pie can be eaten or not.  *giggle*

Usually when any *non* diabetic starts to try to teach me 
something, I launch into high-paced, highly technical discussions 
of the disease, using all the technical jargon I can manage.  
Followed by a lengthy blasting of Kaiser Permanente who assumed 
I was type 2 since I was 37 (though I was 15 lbs underweight), who 
never bothered to test for anything else, including a description of 
how I managed to find an endo who would agree to test me for type 

Usually shuts 'em up FAST.  Then they get that glazed-eye look.  
It's even better if I can pull out my lancet pen or syringes and color-
coded bg charts and start waving them around.  

It'll get even better when I can talk about square waves and boluses 
and basals, instead of just insulin speeds, site rotation, 
hypertrophy, site absorption rates and how injectible insulin is 
created from genetically altered E COLI.  hehhehehehe.  

Then again, when I had a fixator on my arm (pins sticking out as a 
form of mobile traction for my broken arm), I rather enjoyed 
grossing people out by taking off the cover:

warning: disgustingly gross pictures!

I must have a devilish streak in me somewhere.  You think?

I can talk really fast and technical and pompous when I need to.  :-)

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