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Re: [IP] the non-diabetic

first of all I usually don't get into arguments with people who have a 
closed mind, sounds like your talking to people who are very hard headed 
about things, I usually laugh at them and tell them that I hope that they 
never have to find out what it is like to live with this stuff. I usually 
explain to people that sometimes you can eat the same thing every day and 
still have to take different amounts of insulin, also I tell them that i'm 
doing my best that I can do and that i'm not perfect.
Also you have to understand that people don't know what you are going 
through, most people don't really care either. I don't make the mistake of 
bringing up my problems to people who are very judgemental. I usually don't 
get into hard diabetic issues with my family, unless they ask. I had a ex 
wife who played the "blame the diabetic" game with me for years and I don't 
want to play it anymore. Don't let these people get to you.

>From: "Notha Stevens" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] the non-diabetic
>Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 11:57:43 -0600
>How do you reply to the non-diabetics...that just are adamant that if you
>did what you were suppose to....you wouldn't have problems, wouldn't have 
>be on a insulin pump, and now if you will pay attention, and do what you 
>suppose to,  maybe you will be able to live longer.
>This is what I am getting from so many people. It makes me mad! I don't 
>reply any more, as they don't understand , and don't beleive anything I 
>And what is so aggravating is you can't convince them of anything, they 
>it all, and don't even have the disease.
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