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[IP] D-tron pump

From: email @ redacted
Sheila, after observing the D-tron and hearing all about the features, in
your opinion, do you think that the D-tron is a superior pump to the H-tron?
Also, is it really that much bigger than the H-tron?   My CDE says that it's
really just a different shape.
Jennifer Bowhill

If you are interested in all the bells and whistles that the D-tron has to
offer then yes it's better.  But as I think I've said before I use the
H-tron now have not had anything to complain about on it yet.  I will how
ever probably change to a D-tron when it's available to me.  And just
another note, I for got to add this in my first post about the D-tron,  I
was told that Disetronic is already in the process of designing an upgraded
H-tron.  Have no idea when it will be launched but it could be a good while.

Also the size of the D-tron is relatively the same.  A little longer and a
tad heavier. But not by much.  It won't come in those fashionable colors
either.  Just a royal blue and a slate color.


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