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Re: [IP] the non-diabetic

>How do you reply to the non-diabetics...that just are adamant that if you
>did what you were suppose to....you wouldn't have problems, wouldn't have to
>be on a insulin pump, and now if you will pay attention, and do what you are
>suppose to,  maybe you will be able to live longer.
>This is what I am getting from so many people. It makes me mad! I don't even
>reply any more, as they don't understand , and don't beleive anything I say.
>And what is so aggravating is you can't convince them of anything, they know
>it all, and don't even have the disease.


This is what has infuriated and frustrated me for 27 years!  I don't mind
the lay-people.  It's that this is the attitude of all GPs, nurses,
Diabetic "educators" and endos (save one I met).  Since most of the health
care professionls keep calling us all "bad people" who should be "ashamed"
for not having teh "will power" to control a "completely controlable
disease"; I seldom seek their advice.

I have sen too many people (kids and adults) go home in tears form teh
"Diabetes Daycare Centre" here that I am hell-bound to close that horrible
place down!

At each and every eye appointment I get ragged out for saying I'm on MDI
(they never heard o fthat) and told I am bad because I can't give a
definite answer as to how many shots I take per day nor what my bg usually
is.  If I say the bg values range form x to y; they get angrey and insist
that if I test once a week; i should be able to giove a definite answer
like 5.2!

Just had to vent.  Each time I get reminded of the idiots who call
themselves "healthcare professionals" I lose it!  Geeze, most of them still
ask if I'm on pills or insulin - and that's after I tell them I've been T1
for 27 years since age 9.

How do we combat ignorance like this?  I try to educate as many of the
GPs's and nurses as I meet but it takes energy to keep getting no where
after years of trying to educate these people.

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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