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[IP] tips for some of the concerns listedf

The AM BG is the most difficult to manage;increase basal 5-6Am and change 
insulin to carb ratio @ breakfast (more insulin per carb).  Treat 
hypoglycemia wirh glucose tablets;they are formulated to provide glucose. 
Orange juice gives one the yoyo effect, quick up then back down.  Skim milk 
is the best,if you want to use food.  Also,do not eat a carb alone,add a 
protein with it,put peanut butter on your apple.   All carbs are NOT created 
equally, some carbs affect BG more than others, especially white potatos, 
white rice, white bread,orange juice, cornflakes. Check into the glycemic 
index,it might help you fine tune management. Use whole fruit instead of 
juice,add fiber rich foods to meal plan. Priscilla Schell RN,CDE
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