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[IP] re:That bottle of orange juice

email @ redacted wrote:
> He still insists on taking a bottle of orange juice with us in
> the car. I say, John, I dont need that anymore. My pancreas works just
> yours now.
Joan, I never go anywhere without my glucose tabs.  In fact, I may at times
need the security of feeling them there in my pocket.  True, some of my fear
does go back to before the pump when my hypoglycemia unawareness caused me
all sorts of problems with hypos, some of which were unconscious hypos.

Anyway, I have had a few hypos since being on the pump and have had the need
for those tablets, although none, I must say, have been unconscious.  The
frequent testing I do for the pump has saved me from getting into serious
hypo problems.  Sometimes I will be at 40 and have no other sign of what is
happening other than that 40 on the meter.  So, I use my tabs and take care
of the problem.

I have also learned to be a bit more proficient in using temporary basals if
I see a number already on a downslide form activity.  I lower the basal and
prevent a later hypo.  I am getting far more attuned to changing the basal
to offset increased activity.

What I am really saying here is that you must always be prepared for a hypo,
even with the pump!  It is not a natural pancreas and is only as accurate as
the person pressing the buttons and sometimes we can make a miscalculation
which could result in a low.  Always be ready for that.
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