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[IP] re:funny story now

> Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2000 13:00:52 EDT
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] funny story now
>     OK pumpers, don't laugh.
> I changed my first infusion set this morning it was an adventure.
. Well, 1 1/2 hr later I was finely done every thing looking
> good now, I think I cane do better next time we'll see. BUT MY FINGER

Probably all of us have a story like this for teh first days...maybe not
quite as 'painfully funny' as yours, though, Gordon.

My first site change was horrible!  I was frightened and it took me at least
an hour to do and sweat was dripping from the end of my nose before I was
through.  I COULD have had a very painful situation happen but luckily,
rechecked everything before getting ready to press that button on the sof
serter.  I had NOT taken the needle cover off the introducer needle/cannula.
all I could think of that day was that thing ripping into me and how that
might have felt...probably a bit like being shot.  Well, at least that is
what I think.  There is a lot of power in that blue sofserter thing!

I used to stand for a long time, with my finger poised on the button and for
the life of me, not be able to push it.  Had to say things to myself
like"You cannot stand here like this forever!"  Finally I would take the
'plunge' and then feel a bit silly to myself for even worrying about doing

Also, the first time I used the disconnect on the sofset,  I could not get
that thing to come apart.  Just as I was ready to get out the hard plastic
case to protect my pump from the shower, I tried one more time and it came
apart.  Then, when I needed to reconnect, it would not lock for me!  I was
ready to cry with frustration  when suddenly I was able to reconnect.

Now?  Five months later?  I do my site change so quickly that I hardly have
time to really think about it and am on my way to a whole lot of other
things.  A 'fraidy cat like me has overcome a lot!

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