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[IP] That bottle of orange juice

email @ redacted wrote:
> He still insists on taking a bottle of orange juice with us in
> the car. I say, John, I dont need that anymore. My pancreas works just like
> yours now.

Joan, I hate to tell you this, but your hubby is RIGHT to take along
that orange juice. Just cause you're on the pump DOESN'T mean you can't
have a hypo. And, although the pump is better than shots, it still
doesn't BEGIN to approximate a normal pancreas!  :( :( :(

> And another thing while Im at it, do you notice
> that no matter how much you explain to your friends about diabetes, they
> simply dont get it? How often Ive explained to people what to do if I act
> spacey, or am stumbling, as my husband would say, they still panic and I find
> myself tooling down the highway in the back of an ambulance!  Well, no more
> of that nonscense now that I have my trusty pump. 

Diabetes IS complex and hard to understand. And when your friends see
you in a hypo, especially if they've never seen one before, it's almost
impossible to wait -- they're afraid you're going to die! 

I've only seen a severe hypo ONCE (a friend who is a PUMPER, and I were
staying over at ANOTHER diabetic friend's place), and let me tell you,
the 10 minutes between the time we shot the glucagon, and the friend
woke up were the longest ten minutes you'd ever hope to spend!!!! We
spent it discussing whether we needed to get him loaded in the truck and
down to the hospital -- we WERE afraid he was going to die, and we both
were experienced, intelligent, and educated about diabetes!

So I guess my point is, enjoy the pump, but don't pretend that the
realities of diabetes have disappeared, because they haven't. 

Good luck! 

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