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[IP] frustrated to tears

Mag, I know how you feel. Kevins lunch at school has been 6 weeks fine 
tuning. Last year, same meal, we had to a T...this year, we finally got it 
worked out. If you know the basals are set right at that time then it is the 
bolus that is off. 

Kev has one piece of pizza, one cookie, and one milk. We have gone to the 
school and weighed it all (milk carton has carbs) and then calculated the 
carbs. He is still high at 3 hours after when I pick him up. AFter many 
frustrating days, we finally increased the basal rate...first to 140%, then 
150%.  I check him at 3 when I pick him up, and then turn off the 150%. This 
we only do on Pizza days. Dunno if that helps at all. We came up with that 
percent increase by figuring what it would have taken to bring him into range 
(as a bolus).  After speaking with the endo on Thurs, he said he has just 
figured out pizza for himself and that we are doing great! :)

Bedtime snacks have been a major issue for us. Popcorn is different for each 
brand and type they get. The butter kind is terrible for his blood sugars. 
Apples we cannot bolus much if anything for at bedtime...cookies and milk we 
need to be careful for also. We havent had much consistency with bedtime 
snacks. We think we have it figured out, and it changes...was it the new 
site? New insulin? Soccer? Who knows...it does get extremely 
frustrating...and we are up many nights adjusting one way or another.

I know I didnt help much, but I know what you are going thru. Feel free to 
write me anytime!

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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