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RE: [IP] frustrated to tears


I spread my bolus over 30 minutes time period. I use it for Breakfast and
Lunch and this works well for me.
If I bolus the whole dose for ~1-2 minutes (I wear a MM507) I may have a
hypo after 2-3 hours.


<<From: email @ redacted [mailto:email @ redacted]

I am 16 and have been on a pump for 1 year and a half.  I am in the 11th 
grade, and eat lunch at 11:45AM.  I have found that after I eat I sugars
rise, sometimes into the 200's.  I have this week decided to square wave my 
lunch bolus,  this worked. I bolus half of my dose before lunch and square 
wave the other half for 30 minutes. Maybe you can try this, before changing 
anything? I have 90 minute classes and since I don't have gym right now, I
sitting after and before lunch while in school.    Kristin>>

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