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Re: [IP] strange eye problems!!

on 10/15/00 1:23 AM, Darrin Parker at email @ redacted wrote:

>> I had a very strange thing happen to me the other night with my eyes. I was
>> sitting watching TV and all of a sudden I could see this long colorful,
>> strobing (sp) light in what at first, I thought was just my right eye. But
>> even after I closed my eyes, I could see it in both eyes. I do have
>> proliferative retinopathy in both eyes and have had 12 laser treatments. But
>> I
>> have NEVER experienced anything like this before. Does this sound related or
>> more like something else? I ended up with a mild headache, but I think it was
>> more from the fear of what had happened, rather than as a result of the eye
>> problem. It went away some time after I had gone to sleep. Any ideas or
>> suggestions? Thanks in advance. Denise.
> If this was only in one eye; I'd guess a detached retina in which case go
> to the eye doc ASAP; as in Monday am!  Since it appeared in both eyes; my
> experience indicates that it may be a migraine or low bg.

I get something similar when my BG is low, the lower it gets, the more
apparent the flashing. It seems to depend on lighting conditions as well,
usually when go inside from being out on a sunny day. I asked my eye doctor
about it in my last exam and he said there was no problem with either eye
after a full dilated exam. The flashing started after I had some laser
surgery done for retinopathy a couple of years ago. I don't mind the
flashing because it is one of the last symptoms low BG I have left.
Dx - 1972
MM508 - 5/2000

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