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Re: [IP] frustrated to tears

>    Well, i need to cry on shoulders. I can't stand  this constant battle.
>Everyday it seems is one  problem or another. Matt's  sets are only
>lasting 2 days, when they were good for 4 in the begining. It  seems he's
>requiring more insulin than ever. He's eating lunch at school at  11:30
>and coming home in high 300's at 2:30!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHH. Nighttime
>snacks are STILL a problem. I'm up all night correcting. Although, shhhhhh
>lastnight was descent, he had microwave popcorn, 2 cups, and bloodsugars
>were  stable. 141 2hrs pp and 119 through the night, thats something good
>atleast.  Poor kid will only be allowed popcorn as a snack for awhile. 
>I'm just  tired, frustrated, and sad.............i know i'm not alone.
>Thanks for  listening.  With the lunch problem, would you increase basal,
>or lower carb  ratio first?  AHHHHH.  Mag

Also look for an infection (other than diabetes related).  Could be a
change in site prep is required too - like a different procedure for
cleaning site etc.

If Matt is hungrey he shouldn't be deprived of food!  No matter how high
the bg's are.  This isn't natural.  The high bg's will just have ot stay
until the problem is found and corrected.  As long as he stays out of DKA;
it won't kill him.

Good luck!

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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