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Re: [IP] Q from an *Oldie*

<<> I said all that to ask this (~_^): When you other *oldies* were
> approached with MDI or doing your own BGs, how did you accept it? (I
> think many of the newbies just know that's the way you treat DM not
> knowing *the Good ol' Days).>>

I started on 2 shots per day, a long time ago, I always remember 2 shots, so
it would have had to been the late 60's early 70's... I went on 3 per day
back in 1978 when my daughter was born and I wanted to breast-feed which
caused very erratic bgs.  Went back on 2 shots after I stopped nursing until
the mid to latter 80's when I went on 3-4 shots per day.

I also remember Bg Chemstrips and cutting the strips in half to get them to
last longer.  I was glad to have a way to check my blood sugars that was far
superior than the old urine testing.  I was thrilled to get my first meter,
an AccuChek II around the mid 80's.  And the rest is history.... *vbs*

I remember glass syringes you had to boil, I remember Clinitest tabs(which I
still used in 1978 while I was pregnant.)  I remember going to the doctor
every 3 months and having my blood drawn from my arm 2 hours after breakfast
to see how I was doing, if it was in an acceptable range, all was ok--this
was before A1c's.

RoseLea (and Max)

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