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Re: [IP] strange eye problems!!

On 14 Oct 2000, at 17:45, denise poole wrote:

> I had a very strange thing happen to me the other night with my eyes. I was
> sitting watching TV and all of a sudden I could see this long colorful,
> strobing (sp) light in what at first, I thought was just my right eye. But
> even after I closed my eyes, I could see it in both eyes. I do have
> proliferative retinopathy in both eyes and have had 12 laser treatments. But I
> have NEVER experienced anything like this before. Does this sound related or
> more like something else? I ended up with a mild headache, but I think it was
> more from the fear of what had happened, rather than as a result of the eye
> problem. It went away some time after I had gone to sleep. Any ideas or
> suggestions? Thanks in advance. Denise. 

I don't know *anything* about retinopathy, but it sorta sounds like 
some of my migraines.  

I get all kinds of wonderful kaleidoscopic light shows at the 
beginning of migraines, and sometimes a growing black spot in the 
center that expands until I'm completely blind for a few minutes.  It 
wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't always followed by a headache and 
the fact that I sometimes feel nauseous during the light show.

The headache part also makes me think yours just might be a 
migraine.  I usually end up having to sleep off the headache too.

I usually try to take ibuprofen the minute the light show starts, 
before the headache arrives.  Doesn't always work but it does tend 
to make the headache a bit more bearable.

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